all good food is comfort food

"You eat to live, not live to eat."

"You shouldn't self-medicate with food."

Or my favorite from Friends....

"It's just food; it's not love."

To these phrases and the people who believe them, I say:


No, wait. I say:

Hogwash. Delicious, fattening hogwash.

Food is absolutely good for comfort. It helps, it heals, and it makes you feel better. My mood is immediately lightened and brightened by a bowl of ice-cream. Whose isn't?

Food is also a full psychological, cultural, emotional experience. Like that classic scene in Ratatouille, food can blast you back to the most precious moment of your childhood. All of our major holidays revolve around food. Let's not even mention the concept behind "happy hour"...

Have we as a society abused food and its healing virtues? Absolutely, but we do that with everything. If you're eating too much, it signals a different issue. Don't blame food for the fatness. Blame yourself, blame your mother, blame it on the rain; just leave the food alone.

I had a rough day today. Not a miserable one, but one where there was a lot on my mind. I opted for french onion soup. It's easy to make, warm and inviting, and flavorful without being too overwhelming.

Now my belly is full and my head is clear. I can know that things will get better. Because they always do... except when they don't. But if that happens, I'm pretty sure onion soup or something equally as comforting will be there.


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