are cookbooks obsolete? or cooking with Blackberries

cooking with blackberries

I love cookbooks, but then again, I love the printed word. In my old age, I will be that sentimental sucker bemoaning the loss of newspapers and paperback books. I'm a writer. It's in my blood.

That said, are cookbooks obsolete in this digital age? When I can find a recipe for just about anything and learn cooking techniques from real chefs on YouTube, what next? Will there be no more Joy of Cooking? Even that age-old cookbook has a new life online.

By the way, goat cheese grits from the folks at Food52, yum.

goat cheese grits

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  1. I have bought 2 actual paper cookbooks in the last several months, both for bread: "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day" and now "Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day." I use them regularly. :) I also do a lot of my trying-new-things cooking out of magazines (namely Vegetarian Times, who also have a really great recipe archive on their website)... I find the magazines helpful for ideas. Sometimes choosing recipes from the internet is overwhelming if I don't know what you want to make, and so a magazine or well-put-together book (or a clever app?) can point me in a direction based on the season, an idea, or whatever else. But when I want a tortilla recipe to make in the next half hour, or need to know how to rehydrate beans pronto, I wonder how I ever lived without the internet.


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