national coffee day: when did you fall in love with coffee?

Oh yes, I remember when we first met.

In college, I went to a girlfriend's hometown of Seattle for the first time. I had some amazing food that week. Creamy sweet shrimp in Chinatown that I can still daydream about today. Filipino food that has been the measure to which all else is judged. Hmmm... It was a yummy trip. But the greatest food discovery of all was the first time we got a cup of coffee.

If memory serves me well, it was Seattle's Best Coffee. We were out shopping in downtown Seattle (I want to say it was around Westlake). We stopped off for coffee and I remember telling her I'd never bought coffee from a shop before. Like any 20something native Seattlite, she looked at me as if I'd suddenly started speaking Greek.

People call coffee an acquired taste like beer or watching Glee. You get used to it and learn to love it mostly because all of your friends are doing it. But no, my friend, I loved coffee from the very first kiss. Warm and consoling. Like I'd just been hugged.

When I got home, I bought my first coffeemaker.

Today is National Coffee Day, by the way. While I think it's probably a marketing stunt secretly manipulated by Starbucks, I willingly give in and salute the one bean that brightens up my day, keeps me up all night and fuels writing sessions. Cheers, java!

Well, what about you? When did you fall in love with coffee?



  1. It was love at first sip for me: 16 years old as my Sunday morning ritual. Once I hit college, we were definitely in a committed relationship.

  2. I fell in love after I stopped drinking energy drinks (I wanted a more natural jolt of energy rather than the cracked out jolt energy drinks give you).


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