Recipe-ish: Bruschetta

A good meal lingers like a good kiss. I'm still thinking about the bruschetta from lunch today.

Ciabatta bread brushed with olive oil, topped with a thin slice of a cheese like parmigiano-reggiano and a few dabs of red sauce. Deliziosa!

The red sauce I make is a variation of a recipe in Ted Allen's cookbook The Food You Want to Eat. It's an excellent base recipe, because there are so many different directions you can take it. Here's what I did today (it will change next week as it did last week):

...which reminds me. This is a good time to tell you why I call these "recipe-ish". I'm not a scientist nor a pastry chef, so exact measurements aren't my thing. I generally cook for one or two unless otherwise specified. I'll give you ballpark figures, and we'll both agree to live by this cook's greatest motto "season to taste". You know what your palatte likes anyway.

You will need:

olive oil
handful chopped onions
one garlic clove, chopped
bay leaf
half of a tomato
basil (preferably fresh but dried is ok)

Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onions and sautee a few minutes. Add the garlic. Sautee for another minute. Add a bay leaf.

Put the tomato in the food processor and grind. Let it get all saucy and squishy. Add it to the olive oil along with the pepper, salt (I use kosher), oregano and basil, and let it cook covered for about 5 to 10 minutes.

When I pour this over pasta, I like it thinner, so I'll add more olive oil and cook it at a lower temp, but for bruschetta topping, I like it thick. So it stays at medium heat, and I let it bubble and thicken until it reduces on its own.

Scoop it on top of the bread which should already be topped with olive oil and the parm, and broil it for about three or so mintues (rotate them around if your oven heats un-evenly like mine does). Again, watch carefully. There are a lot of worthy appliances that can be trusted; an oven on its highest heat isn't one of them.

Take them out and let them cool. Nothing ruins the taste of food more than burning the roof of your mouth and cheese can be very unforgiving.

Otherwise, enjoy and improsive. Use a multi-grain bread. Add mushrooms. Add green peppers. Switch out the parm for Asiago. Have fun with it. Hopefully, it will turn out as tasty as these.

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