bacon: i'm in love with a butcher

I try to diversify, but lately, all I want to blog about is breakfast. Today, it's bacon.

I am spoiled forever against grocery store bacon. I have been for quite some time. It started a few years ago, when my parents started buying pepper bacon from a nearby Amish market. Something about a lack of electricity gives these gentle people the golden culinary touch. Anything you buy from an Amish market will be the best you've had. Bacon is no exception.

Recently, I became a frequent customer at my neighborhood Farmers Market. Maybe Food, Inc. really got to me, but I just see such a value in pouring back into our local growers. And the produce is so good! I can count on one finger the times I've gotten something less than delicious.

Any how, this particular market has a butcher shop called, simply enough, Country Butcher Shop and Deli. They are ravenous Steelers fans with black and gold decor all over the place, but that's forgivable. Their meat is the thing of desire. From their glass display cases, I have made rockin' chili, ribs that just melt off the bone, and more. They have a wide and drool-worthy selection of cuts.

It's the only place I get bacon now. There is no need to go elsewhere. Their cherrywood and applewood bacon is... whew! It does no justice to write about it or even post these pictures (although I will), because you have to taste it. You have to experience how the aroma fills your entire house after just a few minutes in the oven. I don't know what Heaven smells like, but this bacon gives me a good idea.

If you live in the Virginia Beach area, check out the Country Butcher Shop. You won't be disappointed.

Country Butcher Shop and Deli
3640 Dam Neck Rd.
Virginia Beach, Va 23454
(757) 468-1583

I'll leave you with another fan of bacon, the great Jim Gaffigan.


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  1. i love bacon oh so much! i salivate for a local butcher, and their meat! (and i don't care how dirty that sounds!) i tried sliced pork bellie recently after asking a meat guy at a grocery store - and it was nothing like bacon. at all. salty fail.


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