the grit cake debacle

Before I even started last night's dinner, the title for this blog popped in my head. Sometimes you can just sense when something is about to go wrong.

Things start out well. I make my cheesy grits as directed during lunch and chill them until I get home from work.

As usual, I follow a hodge-podge of recipes, borrowing the idea of adding caramelized onions from Edible Memphis.

I have my garlic ready to add just when the onions are perfect. As the onions caramelize, I heat up a second skillet to fry the grit cakes. The oil doesn't look that hot, but apparently it is. While a few cakes cook, it happens.

Grease pops up from the skillet on to me and more shockingly my camera.

Here's a problem they don't teach you about in food blogger school.

Ug. All my pictures are in a haze like I just woken up. This being my first real camera, I am at a loss and my roommate, who is a photographer, isn't home. I know enough about delicate machinery that you can't just wipe it down with anything. So, I hit the Internet and see what I can find.

One site suggests cleaning it with lighter fluid. My luck is poor enough tonight. No way am I messing around with anything related to fire. I decide to go with the rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Just a few dabs and thank the Lord, my lens is clear again.

In the meantime, my onions burn.

Grease splatters just about everywhere. And I'm so consumed with the camera and the burnt onions, that I completely forget to add the garlic, which sits patiently in vain still on the cutting board.

Not part of the plan.

Despite the debacle, the grit cakes turn out perfect! Golden and crispy outside, hot, gritty, cheesy goodness inside. Reminds me of potato cakes. Just a great way to use leftovers.

Let's just say all's well that ends well.


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