less assembly required cooking

I have nothing to eat.

No, that's not true. I don't have anything ready to eat.

Since beginning this culinary adventure, I've swept my house clean of processed foods. I mean, if I can make it myself, why am I letting someone I don't know make it for me, pump it full of preservatives and sell it to me at a heightened cost? No thanks.

Unfortunately in my quest to be my own personal chef, I unwittingly lost my ability to eat simple snacks. Seriously, everything in my house is a raw ingredient that requires sautéing, marinading or roasting. I came home last night in the mood for something quick and realized I got nothing. I'd love some potato chips, but I have none. I of course have peanut oil, sea salt and potatoes though. You see the problem here?

I gotta get it through my head that not everyday around here is an episode of Top Chef. Yes, I cook every day, three meals a day more often than not because I enjoy it. However, sometimes a girl just need a big, ungodly bag of Doritos.


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