recipe-ish: fried rice

I was almost embarrassed when I realized how easy it was to make fried rice at home. Really. Burn (or better yet, recycle) that tired Chinese take-out menu and make this super basic recipe tonight.

First, make some rice as you usually would. All I had was brown this time.

Brown Rice

In a skillet, heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil (and I add a teaspoon of bacon fat for fun). This is where you will saute whatever vegetables you'd like. I hate peas and carrots in Chinese food, so I don't use them, but feel free to. I add mushrooms and green peppers. The only must is onions. Gotta add onions. Also, this is when you add the chopped meat, if you want to.

Feel the Sizzle

How long you cook your veggies is up to you. I like mine to have some crunch, so they don't stay in long before I jump to the next step: add your rice.

The Beginnings of Fried Rice

Mix well. Then, pour in a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce or oyster sauce. It should be enough to lightly coat everything. Even looking at the picture below, I could have taken it back a notch.

Now, here's an odd thing I do. Scoot everything in the skillet to one side. Beat one egg and pour it into the empty side of the skillet.

Fried Rice: The Egg

As the egg cooks, run the edge of your spatula through it to get strips of fried egg. As you do this, you'll inevitably start mixing the egg with the rice.

And that's when you season with some salt and pepper, serve, break out the chopsticks, and dig in.

Fried Rice


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  1. SO GOOD! I've made this before! I add chicken, too! :) YUNMMMMMMMMM!


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