recipe-ish: sweeter sweet potato fries

Whenever you're in someone else's kitchen, it's another excuse for experimentation. You're out of your element, without your usual tools and arsenal of spices. You can try new things, mostly out of necessity.

Staying at my parents' house affords me such opportunities. Grand example, tonight, I make sweet potato fries... slightly sweeter. Now, you'll find legions of recipes for this, but here's how we made it tonight. Hardly novel but delicious nevertheless.

You'll need:

1 sweet potato (cut into fries and blanched preferably)
coconut oil
a mix of cinnamon sugar (a little more sugar than cinnamon)

Heat oil over medium heat. Place fries into oil. Expect some splatter. Turn them over until they take on a yellow-ish orange hue all over (5 to 7 mins, maybe longer), then put them on a plate lined with paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

Now you can do one of two things: you can sprinkle the cinnamon-sugar on the fries or you can dip the fries in the mixture. We dipped. I think it gives you more control over the sweetness. And who doesn't love control in the kitchen?

I think a hint of nutmeg in the cinnamon-sugar might also be groovy.

I am without my trusty camera this weekend, but trust me, they're good.


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