what's good: roasted pepper and salami

I have two old peppers. And no, that's not a euphemism.

The Good Journal: Old Peppers

So wrinkly, this geriatric produce is almost done. Gotta eat it now.

I also have a pound of salami leftover from a dinner party dish I did last week. So the first thing I do is look up both those ingredients. Thank the Google gods, this recipe comes up: Baked Red Pepper and Salami Salad from @Cooking.com.

I don't have the artichoke hearts or the black olives it calls for, and I'd prefer not to use the balsamic vinegar, but I eyeball the rest of the recipe and see that, with some improvising, it's doable.

I chop up red peppers, onions, tomato and garlic, toss it all together with olive oil and ready it for roasting in the oven. Covered with foiled, it goes in for the alloted 20 minutes.

The Good Journal: Red Peppers, Onions and Garlic

I add the pieces of salami and oregano. Roast it again for another 15. Don't know what it is about that combination of ingredients, but I kid you not, the whole house smells like a pizzeria. So much so that I run out to the grocery story for some artisan bread. I layer slices of bread with strips of parmigiano-reggiano and toast them.

With the pepper and salami mixture spooned onto the cheesy bread, the garlic olive oil seeping through the crevices... Whew! My senses are so over-stimulated, I don't even make it to the dinner table. I eat a piece standing up right over the stove.

The Good Journal: Roasted Red Pepper and Salami

Now there were two pieces here when I plated it...


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