what's (not) cookin': honey and cheese

Today is a day of leftovers. Last tonight, I will feast off of my pork from Friday night (if my roommate hasn't finished it yet). Right now for breakfast, I'm warming up that decadent, over-sized apple dessert I got from Cracker Barrel yesterday.

As I focus on my writing and training for a 5K and half-marathon race, I see this week being one of warm-ups, standbys, go-to's, and easy recipes. Who says food has to be complicated? I don't know, but it wasn't me.

One of my new favorite easy dishes is one I got from the glorious Cooking Channel. I don't personally have the station, but any time I'm over someone's house who does, I make them sit through hours of hipster foodie shows like Chuck's Day Off, Everyday Exotic and Unique Eats.

My easy recipe of the day is Honey and Cheese from David Rocco's Dolce Vita. When I saw this on the show, I just had to make it for myself. It's so easy. Just cheese, walnuts and honey. I like to put little chopped bits of apple in it as well.

Between the no-cooking factor and it's natural sweetness, I can't think of a better go-to snack.

Now I know I just said I want to take it easy this week, but I'm just now remembering a Rachael Ray cooking segment that I saw yesterday. I might have to break the rules to make this prosciutto wrapped delightfulness.


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