the chimi burrito that will save your turkey leftovers

So, originally, I set out to make these Baked Turkey Chimichangas, and my plans were nearly thwarted by an ill-fated plan to make refried beans.

Once I regained my composure and my friends went to the store for a can of refried beans, I got back on course. We made a few changes to this recipe... mostly we fattened it up.

As I cleaned up from the earlier culinary mess, my friend heated up some leftover turkey with two teaspoons of vegetable oil, salt and pepper on medium heat.

I made some make-shift salsa with two tomatoes (chopped), two slices of a medium sized onions (chopped), one diced jalapeƱo pepper, and a dash of salt, pepper and lime juice (I didn't realize I was missing cilantro until it was too late).

When the turkey was nice and hot, I poured in the salsa and the roughly half of an 16 oz can of refried beans.

Trust me, it tasted better than it looked.

While the turkey/bean/salsa medley heated, we got a glass pan and laid out a few tortillas. We used flour, although my friend says now in hindsight that it's more authentic to use corn. We laid a thin layer of cheese on one tortilla, a scoop of the turkey mixture, a little more cheese (why not?), and we rolled it.

Back to the recipe as directed, inserted into oven and baked at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

My friend remembered how her mother would take salsa, puree it, heat it, then pour it over the burritos... so they're more like entomatadas.

So out of the oven, covered in sauce!

We served these with sour cream. They tasted so good that I regretted making only six for three people.


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