meditation.... or "breakfast with God"

Mornings are important. It's the tithe of the day. If you don't invest it in something worthwhile, your whole day is off course.

Yesterday, I was tweeting back and forth about meditation with author and natural hair expert Chris-Tia of Thank God I'm Natural. I'm not a sit and oooooooommmmm type of meditator, although I have been known to practice some pranayama. Feels quite nice actually. I mostly love the idea of quiet time.

It's a luxury that I don't take for granted as a single woman with no children and who is generally the first person up in my household. I love a quiet morning, and simply enjoying the stillness of it all is how I meditate. To me, I'm investing in my well being and going straight to the source... which is God.

Sometimes I'll read the Bible. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes there's music, but often times not. There are even times when my meditation is hitting the pavement before sunrise and running a few (or nowadays, several) miles.

No matter what, though, the meditation always eventually comes with food. I call it "breakfast with God". Doesn't matter if it's oatmeal, pancakes, omelets or crepes...I always eat it at the dinner table, facing the lake behind our house with the intention of being still. 'Cause I never know if this is my last moment of peace for the rest of the day. Better embrace it.

It's beyond the most important meal of the day. It's like daily communion. It's daily remembrance of who He is, who I am and what this whole gig is all about.


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