recipe-ish: grilled gouda and bacon sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich. Its deliciousness is in its simplicity. Butter bread, cheese, grilled. If this food was any more comforting, it would come with its own blanket.

I'm not big into "taking a twist on a classic" or any of the other ways people ruin food. However, grilled cheese just leaves so much room to improvise. I'm trying this version out, Grilled Gouda Cheese and Bacon Sandwich, because we all know everything is better with bacon.

Cut four slices of artisan bread. Something thick. I use an Italian round.

The Good Journal: Bread

Next, heat up some bacon. This is a rare moment you'll see me use a skillet; I am strictly a glass pan bacon baker. But for this, I make an exception.

The Good Journal: Fry the Bacon

Once nice and crispy, remove from heat, set your bacon aside to drip dry on a paper towel.

Cut a few slices of smoked gouda cheese and another milder cheese of your choosing. I love smoked gouda, and the extra slices add to the cheesiness and temper the flavor. After that, butter your bread.

The Good Journal: Butter Your Bread

Preheat your skillet on medium heat. In the meantime, stack the slices of bread on top of each other so that the buttered sides are together. Lay strips of cheese on the top. Add a few slices of bacon.

The Good Journal: Bacon, Cheese and Bread

Take the slice of bread that has the bacon and cheese on it and place it in the heated skillet. Put the other slice on top, butter side up. Proceed as you normally would making a grilled cheese. Heat, press down, flip, repeat.

The Good Journal: The Beginning of Cheese and Bacon Goodness

And there you go. I'm thinking maybe onions, red peppers, mushrooms next time? So many different ways this can go, but for now, this grilled gouda more than satisfies.

The Good Journal: Grilled Gouda and Bacon Sandwich


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