the savory and the simplicity

Yesterday morning, I had porridge for breakfast. The tempering of the egg aside, it was marvelously simple and it got me thinking, ironically enough, about fancy food.

Since joining the fray of food blogging and watching more cooking and food travel shows than intellectually necessary, my eyes are inundated with complicated dishes. Foams, bone marrows, gold flakes, truffles, and other expensive examples of gastronomy... I watched a chef just the other day on YouTube making a lovely dish, but he lost me right away when he said the words "liquid nitrogen".


So many famous cooks cite their mothers or grandmothers as their cooking inspirations, yet we never saw Nana with a kitchen torch. Or at least that wasn't the case in my family. My grandmother, born and raised in the rural South, did wonders with rice for every meal.

Obviously, I'm all for innovation in cooking. One of the many reasons why food is so awesome is because it lends itself so well to creativity. We still have flavors yet to discover that may only come about by adding periodic table elements to one's cooking arsenal. Who knows?

But, at the end of the day, it's all about foods that make us happy. Really simple foods that don't require a reservation and a bachelor degree in chemistry to enjoy. Foods like porridge.

The Good Journal: Porridge


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