what's good: tyler florence and his amazing flying potato chorizo

Okay, so chorizo can't fly, but otherwise, it seems to do no wrong.

This is a recipe-share, one of those great times when I step aside and just share a few pictures of a recipe so delightful that I didn't need to change a thing.

Take a look at Tyler Florence's Potato and Chorizo Tortilla. I found it on the Cooking Channel website. It was the first thing I made with my newly acquired tube of chorizo.

See the sizzle.

The Good Journal: Chorizo

Okay, so it starts out a little greasy, but it gets better once it goes in the oven.

The Good Journal: In the Oven

It came out like a quiche... if that quiche was made in awesome-town.

The Good Journal: Potato Chorizo

Spicy enough to wake up your sleepy morning, yet the potatoes bring you back into your comfort food zone.

A resilient breakfast food that lasted me a few days. Reheated successfully until I licked the pan clean.

The Good Journal: Potato Chorizo

Find it here on the Cooking Channel. Give it a try. And never mind if your spellcheck doesn't recognize "chorizo", because it should.



  1. if I showed this to my husband I would never be allowed to get take-out. So you understand my dilemma....

  2. I think YOU were probably made in Awesome-Town.


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