what's good: snickerdoodle cookies

While cooking from scratch is still a recent dalliance, there is one element of the culinary world that I've been involved in since I was the little kid: baking. I grew up as a resident cake, cookie and assorted baked goods expert in our household. So every time I break out the flour, sugar, shortening and eggs, no matter where I am, it feels like home.

Last night, I got that sugar craving at around 8 p.m. and went to work on some Snickerdoodles -- essentially cinnamon sugar cookies.

The Good Journal: Snickerdoodles

This was the first time I'd ever used light corn syrup, and for no apparent reason, we had a full unopened bottle in the cupboard. The difference it makes in sugar cookies like these is negligible. Sweet is sweet.

I will say this, these cookies cooled quickly to a crispy outside and gooey middle -- my favorite kind of day-after cookie.

A direct quote from my roommate: "You need to put those under lock and key." They are easy to eat in mass, but don't try to exercise after eating them, as I foolishly did this morning. All that glucose quickly reduced my grandiose dream of running 10 miles to a measly 3 miles with frequent walking breaks.

Here's the recipe I used from AllRecipes.com: Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdooles. Worth every calorie.


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