pretty pasta

Since learning now to make pasta about a week ago, I can't stop. It's an obsession.

You remember my first few tries.

I called this "ugly pasta".

Then, I hung it from a suspended wire rack, which resulted in the "folded pasta".

But tonight, ladies and gents, I finally nailed it. I cleared more counter space. I took some advice from Ice Cube and "put my back into it" when it came to rolling out the dough. I got it much thinner than before.

And I took the wire rack off the high-rise and let the pasta dry flat.

Finally... pretty pasta.


1 comment:

  1. The pasta looks great but I am sure the taste is the same. I need a good appetizer recipe to take to a party...I don't want it to take a lot of time but I do want people to rave about it. I am looking to the gourmet to help me! HELP I need it for a party on Monday at noon! Mark Moore


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