recipe-ish: pasta with chili sauce

Just so we're clear, this is not chili like you're thinking chili.

I'm still cooking from Complete Italian Cooking, the one I mentioned a few days ago (remember the gnocci?). The library will eventually make me buy this cookbook.

I am also still making my own pasta. So it was a good time to move on to the next recipe, Pasta with Chili Sauce.

This was easier than I thought it would be. It's the very basics of making good tomato sauce... with some heat.

First, I chopped up about a 1/4 of an onion, two slices of bacon, and one garlic clove. I should have used just one red pepper, but I love the hotness, so I used two.

I sauteed the onion, bacon and garlic together in olive oil until it began to soften and brown. I gotta tell ya, the most heavenly scent of sweet and savory traveled through the whole house.

After it achieved the desired consistency, I added a little less than a cup of canned tomatoes and the peppers. The recipe called for it to simmer for 30 minutes, but it didn't need that long, maybe 20 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, I made the pasta. One extra large egg and 3/4 cup of flour. Mixed in the food processor with a little bit of water until it became a wad of dough that I could roll out.

In my previous attempts, the pasta had a tendency to stick to the counter surface, so this time I hung it on a make-shift wire rack.

When the sauce was ready, I boiled the pasta. As you know, fresh pasta takes no time at all. A few batches, cooking one minute each, and the pasta was ready... in all its folded glory.


Any way, although the pasta dried in an odd shape, it was perfectly al dente. I tossed it in the sauce and enjoyed the deliciousness while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

A few slices of parmigiano-reggiano topped it off perfectly.

So yeah, not chili like you'd think it is, but dare I say, better?


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  1. What kind of pepper did you use? That looks delicious. :)


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