recipe-share: make your own granola

Part of running is consuming a lot of granola. For me, it's the easy thing to eat before a race or a long run. It breaks down well, doesn't sit in my stomach like a brick and can be eaten mindlessly at 5 a.m. when I'm half awake.

So fellow runner, author and slow food activist Mark Bittman is a good source for granola recipes. I made his version this weekend.

I chopped up some dried fruit. I think the bag contained apricots, apples, prunes and bananas.

Next came the chopping of the nuts. I'm sure I could have done this in a food processor, but something was therapeutic about chopping the pecans and walnuts individually.

I didn't have quite enough of all the ingredients, so I did mostly rolled old fashioned oats (not instant), some nuts, and some shredded coconut.

Then, I put it all in a bowl and added maple syrup and vanilla extract. This is what gives granola that flavorful sweetness.

Once everything was well coated, I put it on tin foil, folded up the edges and stuck it in the oven. It came out all nice and golden. Once it cooled, I mixed in the dried fruit. Isn't it pretty?

You want the real recipe? Well, here you go, courtesy of The New York Times: Recipe of the Day: Crunchy Granola.

Thanks, Mr. Bittman. Now if only there was a recipe for warmer weather...


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