ugly pasta

All week long, I've been making my own pasta. I haven't had this much fun since I learned what pop rocks and soda do together.

A friend of mine lent me his weathered copy of Pasta Tecnica by the bearded Pasquale Bruno, Jr., and I used the black and white culinary tutorial to make pasta. A few eggs and a lot of flour was sacrificed, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

It sounds simple. 3/4 cup of flour. 1 extra large egg. A few tablespoons of water. Mix. Roll out. Cut. Boil. Eat. I said, it sounds simple, but the technique and the equipment to which one has access makes all the difference.

I have a food processor, which speeds up the process greatly. And it makes things less messy. You put the egg and flour into the processor like so.

You grind until it comes together in a nice ball. You might need to add some water if it's not coming together on its own.

When it turns into dough, dump it onto a clean surface with lots of flour.

Here's where a pasta machine would come in handy. You can get the dough very thin with a machine. I had a rolling pin, limited space and a moderate amount of upper body strength. I rolled out the dough as far as it would go. Then I cut it into long pieces.

Then, we're back to simple again. Much like the gnocchi, I put the dough in gently boiling water and the pieces cooked very quickly -- maybe a minute.

When they came out... the best way I could describe it was fat fettuccine. And it was wrinkly since it was made without the aid of that smooth-making pasta machine.

It was ugly pasta. But oh man, it was great. I made a pasta alla carbonara with it, but that's for another blog.

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  1. you need one of those pasta rollers that they are always using on Hell's Kitchen (addicted, guilty as charged) - and then you can hang the pasta on a friend's arm and make them stand there uncomfortably like they do on the show. I choose ugly pasta over uncomfortable pasta anyday.


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