jamey johnson: a return to real country

I love all kinds of music and I've admired country from a distance. Then, I was briefly involved with a guy who loved country music. After we split, I vowed to leave the twang as well.

However, I found an artist who drew me back.

I gotta give my brother props on this one, because I wouldn't have discovered Jamey Johnson on my own. I knew the name because I saw it listed on the Grammy nominations; however, I didn't listen to his music until my brother shared a few songs from Jamey's nominated new album.

I told my brother, it's like Johnny Cash / God-loves-a-drunk / old school honky-tonk bar music. Like, the way it's supposed to be. This guy makes most of the country singers out today look like they belong in a boy band.

I still don't listen to much country. But I love me some Jamey Johnson.


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