what's good: breakfast with the crepes

When I started cooking seriously in late 2009, one of the first things I made on the regular was crepes. It started with a few flawed attempts as pancakes.

Vanilla Crepes with raspberry jam and powdered sugar

An early and steady friend in my crepe breakfasts was the All Recipes recipe Vanilla Crepes. I still use it today. It's completely foolproof (trust me, I've tried to ruin it) and adjustable. I've used almond extract instead of vanilla and it gives the crepe a whole new dynamic.

As for toppings, I've used any available jam in the house; however, my staple is the lemon curd found at Trader Joe's. If you don't have a jar of this in your home... well, you should. It is the perfect spread for crepes and doubles as the main ingredient in the best lemon bars you'll ever eat.

So yes, crepes. It's what's for breakfast or even dessert if you'd like. And it also comes in vegan.


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