coming to you from the world's smallest kitchen

I've been absent, but with a good excuse. I moved from a large townhouse in the suburbs to a tiny apartment in the city. It's great except for...

I have the world's smallest kitchen. Perhaps not in a Guinness World Record kind of way, but it's small. Probably smaller than yours.

Yeah, it's that small. I do like the glass cabinet though.

Also, meet the world's smallest gas oven.

Somehow I managed to fit a baker's rack in here, because I literally have no counter space. How will I roll out my pasta dough?

Sometimes I have to get inventive with where I put things...

Hmmmm... Help?



  1. Two words to help with food prep:

    Hot & Pocket

    ash =o)

  2. umm... is there a sink? - Sarah

  3. How high is the ceiling? Do you have enough vertical space for a hanging pot rack? Also: Make use of the wall space! Install shelving where you can, to free up all of your "counter" space for work space. Maybe get a magnetic knife strip for the wall (I have one for my most-used knives, a pair of scissors, and a can-opener). I know someone with a tiny kitchen and a brilliant solution for spices: he put metal strips underneath the cabinets, found a bunch of glass spice jars with metal lids, labeled them, and uses magnets to stick them to the strip. Hanging spice rack! Accessible, uses otherwise unused space, and also looks really cool. I'll try to remember to send you a pic next time I'm over there. :)

    Here's some tips from the Smitten Kitchen blog:

  4. HAHAHA!!! Love the banana "rack!" I see pasta dough being rolled out on your floor...... :-)

  5. OMG... that's tiny. If anyone can make it work, you can. :)

  6. I used to have a very small kitchen and it drove me mad! I ended up moving I couldn't handle it anymore. Hope you learn how to manage in your kitchen... the cabinet is pretty so at least you get that upside!


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