the "make due" style of cooking

So yes, I've moved into a new place. And, while I love it intensely, I realized within a few days of being here that I went from a culinary Wonderland to the ghetto. What I mean by that is... my kitchen in the old place was fully stocked. Fully.

Every kind of pot and pan. Graters. Peelers. Waffle irons. Crock pots. Full sized oven. At one point, we even had a bread maker.

Now... um. I have the opposite of that.

I arrived at my new place with a few dishes, one skillet, a colander, and a corkscrew. I didn't even have a microwave.

My cooking style for these first few weeks has been "make due." I pulled together whatever I could to make a meal. This was my first quasi-masterpiece.

I sauteed the one clove of garlic I had, two old, crispy bay leaves, and a handful of chopped onions in olive olive. When the onions softened, I added some pork sausage, tomatoes, dried basil, oregano, kosher salt and pepper, put a lid on it and let it all simmer for 15 minutes. My old tried and true tomato sauce.

But I had no noodles. Well, I had flour, eggs and water, but no counter space to roll it out on.

Solution? I find some old lasagna sheets, break them apart and put the pieces in the sauce. It cooked for another 10 minutes until the pasta was al dente.

The next day at work, people asked me what I was eating for lunch. I said, "ingenuity".


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