closing the good journal: good yummy times

I should explain myself.

As fun as the world of food blogging was, it's time to hang up my online apron for the pure pleasures of donning a real one at home. Fear not that I'm no longer in the kitchen. While blogging has been sporadic at best in 2011, cooking has remained my joy, my stress relief, and my source of inspiration. I'm simply not writing about it any more. Life is entirely too full and too beautiful to stop and chronicle it every night.

This was a blast though. I had many posts that became quite popular. With the exception of ones boosted by Real Simple's food Twitter, here are my top three:

coming to you from the world's smallest kitchen

the evolution of eating well

bacon: i'm in love with a butcher

Good yummy times. And they don't stop here. I'll continue to show off good eats on Twitter. You can follow me @LifefromApt7.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


what's good: indian-style home-fries

I was inspired to use my Indian spices after an evening of cooking spicy appetizers with my friend and culinary genius, Mark.

I grabbed my Flavor Bible to check some good flavor combinations.

I had turmeric, garlic salt, cumin and black cracked pepper. That would do.

I peeled, shopped and shocked my potatoes (boiled for 10 minutes, iced for 10 minutes). I heated some allspice and sunflower oil (it's the closest I had to canola) and combined some flour with my spices. Tossed the potatoes in the flour and fried them in the pan.

They fried easily and quickly, turning a curry yellow. Crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside and spicy all around.



Pots and Pans!

You know you're a food nerd when pots and pans get you excited.

After three weeks of surviving with one skillet and a one-quart saucepan purchased with a Williams and Sonoma gift card, I have inherited my old roommate's cookware.

It's almost too big for my tiny stove top.

Praise da' Lawd.

Let the real cooking begin.

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