what's good: avocados

We've been eating healthier at the start of the year. Resisting refined sugar, fatty meats, etc. While I miss my gummi bears, it feels good to be back in the kitchen with lots of natural ingredients. Grad school means stress and pressure, which equal frequent trips to the Cookout drive-through . With the semester barely begun, I'm enjoying the extra time to cook a meal that will not subtract months from my life.

What's even more fun is getting reacquainted with so many nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables that I used to love. Maybe, I'm getting old, but I forgot out good a prune can taste.

Mostly, I've renewed a kindred fellowship with avocados. Oh, how I love my little green friend. For me, I don't need cheese when I can have avocado slices. When a co-worker taught me how simple guacamole is to make, I was sold.

I remember the first time I made my husband homemade guacamole. I mashed, I chopped, I mixed, I stirred. I was proud. He took four bites and said he wasn't feeling well. Then later he said he didn't care for it. My feelings as a girlfriend weren't hurt. I was more upset that he did not love the vegetable that I held so dear. It was like we were living different lives. Despite this, I married him anyway. I figure, more guac for me.

Avocados are apparently also quite healthy. Good for your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. I know they boost your HDL, aka your good cholesterol. They're an essential part of your anti-inflammatory diet. All kinds of stuff.

So, cheers to our health. Until I can get my hands on some gummi bears, avocados will do just fine.


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