secret tweets from my first trimester

Our first trimester certainly wasn't a secret, but we made a conscious effort to keep the news offline until now. Keeping the social media masses from knowing about my pregnancy during the first trimester was hard for the Twitter-side of me that enjoys a random thought or two. So, I started this blog post in my eighth week as a means to collect these secret tweets.

"I'm tired."

"I love these veggie chips! Let's get another bag."

"Get those veggie chips away from me. I can't even look at them."

"I'm really tired."

"Taking baby bump pictures during the first two months is for skinny girls. I've always looked about three months pregnant."

"Can you stop by the grocery store? I need something with cheese on it."

"Sweet Moses, I am so sleepy."

"Can we stop? I need to pee."

 *crying* "It's the Olympics commercial where the little kids keep falling down, and one of them is crying. Then they become Olympic champions. It's just so moving."

(burp) "Excuse me. I'm so sorry."

"Can we stop off at McDonald's real quick? Real quick! I just need a McChicken sandwich."

(any time of day) Husband: "Hey, baby, what were you doing?" Me: "Napping."

(burp) "Excuse me. I am so gas-y lately."

"Awwwwwww!" (when I've unbuttoned my pants because my waistband is too tight when I sit down... in public)

"Was I just drooling?"

Husband: "We need to get you more sweatpants. Get a rotation going here."


~jennifer + 1


what's good: 100 blogs and a baby

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I have good reason. First, this is my 100th blog, and I figured it should be special. Second, it's a little difficult to write about life, love, and the pursuit of good food when I have to self-edit to avoid spilling the single greatest game changer in my life since getting married. But the jig is up now, so here we go.

As you probably heard, this right here... totally happened.

It's the open contents of a gift I gave Jeremy on January 14th. The mini bike I bought at the Harley shop. The stick was a crude representation of exactly why I hadn't felt like myself for weeks. 

We're pregnant! 

Whew! What a load off. 

If you recall any of my previous blogs, you may be wondering, "Wasn't she just going on about giving up on her baby Pinterest boards and not making a big fuss about trying to conceive?" Yes, true. It's just that while I was writing that post, I had no clue I was five weeks along already. When I found out two days later, I was as surprised as anyone. I did my research. I knew the odds for a first-timer at my age combined with a perceived lack of fertility awesomeness. Not to mention, I figured that,  if getting pregnant takes half as long as finding Mr. Right,  I'd be waiting for years.

Apparently, God had another idea. 

One thing is for sure, I've never been asked this often how I'm feeling. Seriously. I've never had this many people interested in my health and well-being before. Between month two and three, I got really good at saying, "Oh, the usual: nauseous, tired, bloated," which was the pleasant way of saying, "When I'm not constantly sleeping, I'm thinking about sleeping, I always feel like vomiting, and I've already farted since we started talking."

Oddly enough, I've been grateful for the symptoms, because, honestly, it still hasn't sunk in yet. It's a total mind shift to go from normal, regular life to a nine-month, +1, gestational situation. I mean, I have several test results and a few fuzzy ultrasound pictures that confirm. So, unless I swallowed a gummy bear that went in the wrong place, I'm definitely with child. My body knows this. My brain is slowing catching up.

So, details, for anyone who cares....

  • We're due late September. As of this posting, I'm about 13 weeks along. 
  • Overall, I feel good. I do get winded doing just about anything, though. I don't nap as much as I did Weeks 6-10, but I almost always prefer lying down wherever I am. Waiting for them to set me up a cot at church. 
  • I have absurd cravings for fruit juice, cheese, McChicken sandwiches, and olives (not all at once). Strangely enough, I lost my pre-maternity ravenous desire for gummy bears. 
  • Pregnancy hormones have me a little more feisty than usual. I'm speaking my mind a lot more, rather than letting things slide. I think this is a good thing; however, I'm not sure everyone else around me feels the same. 
  • I've never dreamed this frequently and vividly in my life. 
  • Certain activities are on hiatus: running, riding on the motorcycle, bending over to pick things up off the floor, buttoning my jeans, etc. 
I promise this won't turn into a mommy blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. However, copious belly shots and OB updates just aren't my thing. But how about this: I'll let you all know the gender, when he/she first kicks, and the first time I pee myself in public.

~jennifer + 1

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