for the love of lemonade: my late term (and probably last) pregnancy update

It's hard to use one's pregnancy as the excuse to why one has not updated her blog about said pregnancy. To be fair, pregnancy is full of long stretches where not a lot is going on. But hey, that's a good thing. Someone once told me that the greatest blessing you could ever get is a boring pregnancy.

I'd like to say I made good on my original promises to you. No mommy blogging. I wrote about discovering she was a girl. I told you about the baby's first movements. I have yet to pee myself laughing or sneezing, but we still have time. Here are a few more random facts:

  • The first bonafide kick came a month after those first subtle movements. I was sitting on the couch as I almost always do now, and suddenly a tiny section below my belly button jumped out. That was around week 16 and she hasn't stopped since. There was only one evening where I got concerned that she wasn't moving much, but we were watching that movie Her and perhaps she was as disturbed as we were.
  • My thing with McChicken sandwiches and olives is over. My love for all things citrus is the last remaining craving. Lemonade and I are particularly close. The house is always stocked. 
  • That first trimester fatigue came back. I can nap anywhere any time, and God forbid I get anything less than 9 hours of sleep a night. Mornings were never pretty, but now they're downright ugly. 
  • I get asked the same series of questions almost every day by various people. When are you due? Do you know what you're having? Do you have a name? Almost always in that sequence too. I have standard answers for them all. September. It's a girl. We won't know for sure until she's born.
  • That last one is partly true. We have two contenders for the name--one stronger than the other. I think we've decided, but I just want to lay my eyes on her to be sure. Either way, we haven't shared the names with any confidence. It really could be anything. 
  • I've strongly considered starting a new blog called "Smart*** Things People Say to Me at Walmart." I swear, every time I'm in there, somebody clever wants to comment on my pregnancy. A week ago, I went to the wrong end of the store to find a mop. When I asked a worker, she said, "It's all the way on the other side. Aisle 10. You'll probably have the baby before you get there."
My husband's wonderful parents sprung for a 4D ultrasound. Through the hazy bulges and unidentified belly matter, I'm happy to say we could make out a face. We didn't get any smiles and, like a true child of ours, she stubbornly didn't perform on command. However, we could see her chubby little face, and she had her umbilical chord thrown over her shoulder like a purse. I don't mind raising a girly girl.

There is another picture where her lip is curled up like she's a 1920s gangster, but we'll keep that one to ourselves.

As for me, in case you haven't seen me in person lately, I'm about the size of a small SUV. I've managed to outgrow even some of my maternity clothes. Provided you can actually get me out of the house, I waddle around with one of those back pillows (thank you, Melissa), looking for a place to sit.

That's about it. I'd love to tell you my next blog will you keep you posted on this last month, but I make no promises. Next time you see me in the blogosphere, I may very well have our little crying, pooping, snoozing bundle of joy out of the oven and in our arms.

'Till then, I'm still...

~jennifer +1

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